Infrared Sauna


#1 Doctor and Consumer Recommended Brand

Only Sunlighten saunas are medical-grade, clinically backed and proven 95-99% effective. This is why Sunlighten is used and recommended by more health experts and consumers over any other sauna brand.





“Dr. Amy Myers is a pioneer in Functional Medicine and New York Times best-selling author. Through her evolutionary dietary-based program, The Myers Way, she has empowered thousands to prevent and even reverse the signs and symptoms of a multitude of autoimmune conditions and chronic diseases.”


“With clinically-backed infrared heaters, Sunlighten saunas aid in detoxification, blood pressure reduction, weight loss, pain relief and skin purification. Made of Non-toxic materials with easy set up, comfort and use, these are the preferred choice for treatment of lyme disease, autism and other chronic conditions for lifetime use.”


“Although at first glance, on the surface of things, an actual sauna might seem like an extravagant thing to purchase, but i have found them to be amazing.”